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       Chapters 1 and 2 of “We the Media,” by Dan Gillmor tracked the recent development of journalistic styles of technology.  It was so very interesting to read a book written four years ago and see how much has changed with day-to-day technology.  The idea that the new era of journalism began after Sept. 11, 2001 is so interesting because it truly opened up the world of online journalism to the whole country at a time when everyone was seeking news. 
       Blogging has developed greatly over the past seven years and currently is used for reporters as well as citizen journalists to discuss news and issues.  It was incredible to see how many bloggers there were in Denver alone during the Democratic National Convention.  There was an entire media tent devoted to these bloggers.  Which leads one to wonder why someone would prefer to read a blog rather than a news report.
       Gilmor writes, “What the best individual blogs tend to have in common is voice – they are clearly written by human beings with genuine human passion.” (29). 
       This is true of most of the blogs I’ve read, they have a voice and an opinion, giving their own personal perspective, however I often wonder if there is too much opinion in the news lately and not enough solid journalism that reports the straight facts.   
       But there are many other new facets to journalism besides the “blogosphere,” including the of role cellular phones.  It is incredible how SMS has become the new main form of communication. You can receive news headlines, emergency notifications, and any other type of alert one may need. Camera phones have also helped with photojournalism.  One of Denver’s main newspapers, The Rocky Mountain News provided their entire staff with cell phones that have a camera and video camera so that if they are out and about and something newsworthy occurs they can capture it and publish it on the Internet.
       These tools are transforming journalism, making everything faster, but also leaving more room for error.  This new technology is developing so quickly it is guaranteed to have a large effect on the election process and the campaigns as well as how soon we will find out the results of the elections, which for many will likely be via SMS. 

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