October 2nd, 2008

We the Media Ch. 3

 With technology becoming more and more advanced, it comes with no surprise that the media's ways of gathering and spreading information has changed.  Photography, video, blogs, instant messaging, blogging, and many more are making news get from one person to another even faster.  Because technology is growing, this also means that it is easier for the media to barge into our lives and leak our secrets.  


The biggest issue with the speed and prevalence of new technology is the issue of privacy.  The new communication tools that are available give anyone a chance to learn far more about a person/organization that we may have ever deemed acceptable.  Technology has made the news and journalism in general much better but has it done bad things for our reputations?


How far must the media really go to get a good story?  Will journalists want to work in an environment where they will constantly have to spy on others first as to make sure that someone else is not invading them? 


The use of new technologies is also affecting how the presidential candidates are able to introduce themselves and what type of information can be made readily available to anyone on the Net.  The fact the technology is a factor in which people base their decisions for the election may or may not be a good thing.  All that we can really conclude is that there is an abundance of information available on the Net, on TV, in newspapers, and other forms of media.  It is up to the candidates to decide which will be the most effective. 


As the world continues to move forward, we can only hope that the new technological advances will cause more good than harm for the media and its users. 

We The Media reading

The main thing I got from the reading is how much technology has changed and grown. It has gotten to the point where if you are not up t date on the latest news, not only do you feel out of touch, but you may also get riduculed by your peers. Before computers and internet, and even before the telephone, when the newspaper was the only form of getting the news, it would be days or weeks before people knew what was really going on. Now with the invention of all this new technology, it is invading our lives on an hourly basis.

In some sense this is a great breakthrough. Having up to the minute reporting and knowing the breaking news the second it happens, however, it can also be a negative. There are some moments when I just want to sit back and relax and not know about all the problems that are going on in the world. It is insane how quickly people find out about these things. Even if you try and relax and not watch the news, it takes about an hour or less to find out what is going on just because of word of mouth.

The fasinating part of this reading however was about all the new technology and how much it has changed. The personal news, like blogging, that has advanced so much just in the past 7 years. It is absolutly amazing what people are able to do now a days. 10 years ago, it was just reporters that could get their voice out and be heard. Now, any normal guy or girl with internet access can go on a blog site and post their thoughts about a certain issue. This advaance has made the news relay ovvur so much faster and it is just fascinationg to see the progress.

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In the book We the Media chapter three addresses the issue of how immensely web technology has transitioned our communication. A shock came to many newsmakers that with new forms of online connections, communications have aspired between humans and “Information is an ocean, and newsmakers can no longer control the tide as easily as they once did.” (45) With this new rules evolved. Primarily any citizen can venture into others lives and give a voice about it. Also information flows rapidly, and not necessarily be truthful. In the following pages the chapter explores many cases in which communication technology has altered the way we live, especially in the business sense, as well as how we consume information. Moreover, weblogs, SMS, and e-mail all perform the function of a forum. Here an exchange of ideas occurs, allowing communication to fly.
In chapter five, “The Consent of the Governed” the book delves into how the web has altered how politicians mange their campaigns. They had factor into creating a name for themselves on the internet, as well as using it to their advantage, realizing that the internet was a progressive way into people’s homes and heads. The book states that Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s recall campaign began online, it even says that Ross Perot suggested in his 1992 run for presidency that there should be “electronic townhalls. In addition, since bolgs allows anyone to be a journalist, information true of false could be posted and in fact create a rise. “Big Media, and the candidates, also started to realize that some of the best political journalism was coming from outside their ranks.” (103) Overall it seems that the internet has blown up in people’s faces and with many not knowing how to handle it.

We the Media

Throughout the readings of  "We The Media" one theme that is always present is the evolution of media technology. We happen to be living in a time in which technology is growing and changing faster then we could imagine. The next phase of every cool piece of technology we use today has already been invented in a lab and is just waiting to be exposed to us. The readings talk about the same thing.

We as people need to be constantly updated these days. We can no longer wait with the patience to get our news and information like the generations before us. In 2008 we expect everything to be as close to real time as possible. Between the inventions of YouTube and other Web 2.0 inventions, news should be current and at our finger tips.

My favorite example of the new generation of media is all of the real time/up-to-date broadcast media you can find online. Usually, by lunch time, news web sites will have videos and pictures put up online from events of that day. This really makes me feel like I am not missing out on anything important and always know what is going on. Fox News does this with their web-site.