September 16th, 2008

End of Legacy - Obathat

The Hindustan Times reported on Obama's speech at the DNC on August, 29. In part of the speech, Obama defended his policy in the middle east from attacks by McCain. Obama is moving in the right direction by showing how hewill use military force when necessary, but wants to get out Iraq in a responsible manner. The article does a good job of mostly incorporating quotes from the speech including this one where Obama criticizes McCain for being responsible for Bin Laden's escape. "He chided McCain, a staunch advocate of the Iraq war, for saying he would pursue Osama bin Laden to "the Gates of Hell" Obama said McCain's focus on Iraq had let al Qaeda and bin Laden escape in Afghanistan." I don't think anyone can argue that Obama is not as interested in pursuing terrorists as much as the next person. However, he is not just going to charge into a foreign country gun-slinging, while simultaneously sacrificing American lives</div>

Obama on nuclear weapons in Iran

Obama has gone to visit Israel on a two day trip and participates in both light conversation over dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, as well as concerns about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. He has come to the conclusion that Iran should be allowed no nuclear weapons and should be stopped by all means in gathering any more. Obama is not willing to budge on this matter even though President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims that the weapons do not pose a threat. Obama further advances to wanting to make the ties between Israel and America even tighter.
I am at loss to how either President will obtain a solution to finding peace in the Middle East. I Also wonder how a person with such standing as a President can see nuclear weapons in a peaceful manner?
Obama on nuclear weapons