September 11th, 2008

Obama's visit to Afghanistan

 Barack Obama's trip to Afghanistan was interpreted as being important for many reasons. I think it was a success for his campaign in showing his potential for working on foreign policy. He is also right that if American troops need to be anywhere, they need to be shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan, especially on the Pakistan border. Its ridiculous to think that this tactic strengthens McCain's campaign because he supported the troop surge in Iraq. So, if it is alright to start moving troops out of Iraq that shows that the surge was a success? Wrong. It is past time for the Iraqi government and military to take over their country. Security is weak in Afghanistan and if that is where terrorism is a concern for civilians, if it is where the Taliban have reorganized in the Pakistani mountains, then that is where troops should be. At least one civilian from this interview agrees with Obathat a focus on security and rebuilding the Afghani economy can make American policies successful in Afghanistan.