September 9th, 2008

Note for Thursday


I thought it might help to reiterate a few things about the assignment for Thurs.

1. Your blog entry should be about the content in the news story you select, not about its presentation. You're looking for a story that will be useful to those of us in the class, e.g., that will remind us of what Obama or McCain has done or said that sheds light on their approaches to international issues. Some people will find it easier to create a blog about a report that they find problematic (e.g., biased; that's why the example in the next entry on this blog links to a conservative response to Obama's trip to Iraq). If you need help writing as a blogger, look at some of the political sites mentioned earlier: Daily Kos, Daily Dish, Huffington Post, Scholars & Rogues, etc.

2. This assignment is pass/fail. Just get something up (100-300 words, photo or video link, shortened); we'll look over your blog entry's content in class and make some decisions about what we like (in terms of both the content we create and the news materials we found) and why.

3. I'll be on email tomorrow night after 8:30. So if you have difficulties, email me. I'm positive I go to bed before you do, though, so after 10, you'll have better luck emailing Morehshin.Allahyari (at) DU (dot) edu.

Good luck!