September 8th, 2008

First class

Here is a reminder of the things you'll want to do for our second class:

1. fill out the forms so that you can use the DMS and MCOM computer labs
2. look over the syllabus to make sure you understand our goals & requirements
3. go to the Blackboard site to check out the proposed self- and peer-assessment grading structure
4. write me an email with your insights on grading for this course
5. join livejournal and start a livejournal blog
6. join the online_journ community and then post your first assignment by Wed at 11:59 + 1 minute


Find a model of an interesting story told using online journalism. It needs to have at least: a print story and/or a link to a prior story on the same or a related topic, a photo, and a video segment.

Look for a story that has something to do with McCain, Obama, or U.S. actions/policies in the Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, etc.). It can be in any online news source. This was the in-class example: (Senator Barack Obama Visits Iraq) and blog response: (scroll to the bottom, then up to the second from bottom entry)

Claim your example by 9 PM by posting it to the class blog (note: be sure it says "online_journ" in the 'post to:' box; otherwise it'll go to your personal blog and the rest of us won't see it). Be sure to embed your link and use the live journal cut text to hide part of the entry.

When you're ready to upload your 100 to 300 word blog entry, go back and choose "edit your entries"(under "Post") to post the final one-graph description with a link to the site. Post this by midnight. It needs to have a link and a photo for full credit.