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We the Media

Throughout the readings of  "We The Media" one theme that is always present is the evolution of media technology. We happen to be living in a time in which technology is growing and changing faster then we could imagine. The next phase of every cool piece of technology we use today has already been invented in a lab and is just waiting to be exposed to us. The readings talk about the same thing.

We as people need to be constantly updated these days. We can no longer wait with the patience to get our news and information like the generations before us. In 2008 we expect everything to be as close to real time as possible. Between the inventions of YouTube and other Web 2.0 inventions, news should be current and at our finger tips.

My favorite example of the new generation of media is all of the real time/up-to-date broadcast media you can find online. Usually, by lunch time, news web sites will have videos and pictures put up online from events of that day. This really makes me feel like I am not missing out on anything important and always know what is going on. Fox News does this with their web-site.

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