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We the Media Ch. 3

 With technology becoming more and more advanced, it comes with no surprise that the media's ways of gathering and spreading information has changed.  Photography, video, blogs, instant messaging, blogging, and many more are making news get from one person to another even faster.  Because technology is growing, this also means that it is easier for the media to barge into our lives and leak our secrets.  


The biggest issue with the speed and prevalence of new technology is the issue of privacy.  The new communication tools that are available give anyone a chance to learn far more about a person/organization that we may have ever deemed acceptable.  Technology has made the news and journalism in general much better but has it done bad things for our reputations?


How far must the media really go to get a good story?  Will journalists want to work in an environment where they will constantly have to spy on others first as to make sure that someone else is not invading them? 


The use of new technologies is also affecting how the presidential candidates are able to introduce themselves and what type of information can be made readily available to anyone on the Net.  The fact the technology is a factor in which people base their decisions for the election may or may not be a good thing.  All that we can really conclude is that there is an abundance of information available on the Net, on TV, in newspapers, and other forms of media.  It is up to the candidates to decide which will be the most effective. 


As the world continues to move forward, we can only hope that the new technological advances will cause more good than harm for the media and its users. 

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