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Transformation of journalism with technology

“We the Media,” Dan Gilmor discusses the role of newsmakers, not just journalists, and how the role and rules of making news have transformed entirely. With new media, including but not limited to blogs, vlogs and other online forums we have accelerated the now 24-hour industry and changed our documentation of history.   

Gilmor notes how our perception and memory of the events of 9/11 would be different if we camera phones were around then.  Our memories would be different if we had received images and videos from our loved ones via cell phone.  

Technology changes everything.  We see how popular blogs have become, giving everyone a chance to voice their opinion in these public forums.   

But can we trust what we read?  There is not a fine line between citizen journalists and the major ones.  Anything and everything is online, and there really isn’t anyone filtering. 

This is especially an issue with politics and the upcoming election.  Should you believe what you read online?

There has been quite an advantage for political involvement though.  The Internet allows everyone to be involved and their opinion matters.  We see campaign blogs, receive text messages with news and are constantly informed on what is going on and the opinions of everyone else.  

Technology has in fact made all things transparent, especially in politics.  Sarah Palin’s personal email account was recently hacked into revealing personal and government related emails sent out.  Privacy no longer exists within the World Wide Web, anything can be seen by anyone, and once it’s out there, there is no taking it back

Our world has transformed, technology continues to evolve, so will the journalism industry.  

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