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We the Media. Chapters 1 & 2

          Related site... Pandora Radio

     The first couple of chapters in Dan Gillmor's We The Media discuss the evolving world of journalism and more specifically online journalism. He dates back to the time of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, praising them for their involvement and efforts with the media. Throughout the rest of the chapter, Gillmor goes on to explain the different stages of internet usage and journalism. Between Usenet at Michigan and the first platform of Desktop Publishing, we can see that the growth in technology has lead to a massive expansion in the field of journalism. Being a journalist is all about getting the best story before anyone else does. So with the aid of the internet, journalist could be recieveing their news at lighting speeds compared to the old school method.
     It was not until the unfortunate events of 9/11 that we really saw the internets potential for world wide journalism. The day that the attacks happened, there were astonishing numbers of "9/11" searches on the web. This really gave its users and creators a sense of how accesible this technology needs to be for the public. There is so much information out there that people are expecting to be able to get at the touch of a mouse that the demand is almost as high as air and water.
     The internet as we know it is now its its Web 2.0 phase. This phase has completely publicized the world wide web. It's no longer a large online brochure to be looked at, but a giant network made up of people all over the world sharing stuff with each other. Everything from pictures, to music, to favorite websites, and on and on. There is no end as to what someone in Los Angeles could be doing with someone in Moscow, Russia. The internet gives us the opportunity to live life without borders and for us to be the creator of our own worlds, online worlds. 

      The related site that I have attached above is Pandora Radio. A perfect example of p2p sharing on the internet and some of its capabilitties. It is a website designed for you to create your own radio stations based on your favorite artists. Once you have done so, Pandora then sets out to find more music similar to your favorite that you may like. It does this based on beats, tempo, guitar rhythms, melodic singers, heavy bass, etc. By other people choosing music and sharing music online, it grabs ideas from those users and and spits them at you to see if you like it. If so, you give the song a thumbs up and Pandora remembers that, if not, you give it a thumbs down, and Pandora will still remember that.
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