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We the Media

The first two chapters of We the Media introduced me to useful, journalistic applications of technology which I have taken for granted. I have respected blogs because I have always viewed them either as editorials attempting to masquerade as real news or as a medium to facilitate exhibitionism. While blogs are often both of these things they also reflect the interests and concerns of ordinary people, the consumers of media. Furthermore, as Gillmor points out, “people formerly called the audience are now participants.” Like call in radio shows, the read-write web makes it easier for ordinary individuals to provide information to others.

            Nonetheless, I feel as though a lot of information on the read-write web lacks credibility. Although I now understand that I can learn a lot from experienced and intelligent bloggers, I will continue to rely on corporate media outlets for most information because I trust that the editors and journalists at these organizations have integrity. That’s not to say that I am not disappointed with a lot of the news coverage I see or that my trust may be displaced. Gillmor points out that many news outlets bank on the idea that “if it bleeds it leads,” and fail to cover stories on other important issues.

            The technological advances discussed in the first chapter which have enabled individuals to become more than consumers of media could be the solution to the problems associated with the corporate model. I agree with Gillmor that current trends, such as blogging, should not be confused with journalism but to disregard their importance and value would be foolish because they are a reflection of the culture. As the first two chapters clearly demonstrate, my success in this field depends to a large degree upon my ability to better understand the culture—what media consumers want—by making better use of available technology.
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