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To begin to explore the revelations of new media a further examination of its history of it must be considered. A man named Thomas Paine wrote words which affected people during the 18th century. These writings encouraged people to make a statement. Since then multiple media revolutions have occurred in America’s history. During the 1800s a workable postal system was created, allowing a voice to reach out to numbers. This formed into a new mass media such as newspapers. By the 20th centaury a strong sense of the corporate era erupted. Issues dealing with monopolies rose concerned with the press and who was controlling it. What was and was not being let out to the public became a main subject. In addition talk radio was becoming an effective tool for expression. Before this medium, regular citizens were at loss for voicing their own speech, and then along came the web. During the 1990’s is when people began to own their own personal computers and transferred into a highway of information and communication. This was pivotal point in America’s history and created the ability for anyone to be a journalist.

As the internet has expanded over the last 15 or so years e-mails lists, forums, and newsgroups have also. As the Web became more useable it eventually turned into a fabulous news source. One phenomenon which occurred due to the internet was the capability of using one medium for both many-to-many and few-to-few communications. “The internet, in particular, is becoming the environment in which the new tools function, an ecosystem that is gaining strength from diversity” (p27) More and more roles were being created for the internet as time passed, weblogs, Wiki, SMS, video streaming, RSS, are all forms of communicating attributed to the growth of the Web. Due to this access any human being is able to post their views and ideas to anyone and everyone. Moreover it is anyone’s guess to what is to come in the digital world and what pros and cons it may bring.
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