noidion (noidion) wrote in online_journ,

President Bush and the Middle East (Assignment 1 reposted on community blog instead of individual)

President Bush plans to pull out 8,000 troops from Iraq and deploy 4,500 additional military personnel to Afghanistan on the  advisement of top military officers. This is a new plan that may include bringing home more troops in early 2009.
Although this seems like a plan that the Democratic party would be wholeheartedly supporting, there is more skepticism than support. Some questions about these moves are about President Bush leaving the bigger decisions of whether to bring more troops home until 2009, which is essentially the term of a new president. Another question is why haven't more troops been sent to Afghanistan to combat the insurgents and terrorists that are still finding refuge there despite this war on terrorism. Although this feels like a step in the right direction, much is left up in the air as when or even if the war in Iraq will end anytime soon. The incoming president seems to be the key to the wars in the Middle East and Bush is prepared to let them figure it out on their own.
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